My client didn't receive their poster. How do I request a reship?

My client didn't receive their poster. How do I request a reship?

First, check the tracking number in the "My Orders" section of your online order portal to make sure the package shows delivered. Please note that tracking numbers do expire after a few months so if the order in question is more than a couple months old, you will not be able to do this step. 

Second, if the poster shows delivered, check the address on the order by clicking on the order number. 

Third, if the address is correct, ask the client to take another look around. The poster may have been tucked into a corner or on someone else's desk. 

Lastly, if none of the above steps resolved the issue, then in your online order portal please go to the "Reshipment" section and select "Request a Reshipment." Use the "Search" button at the top left to pull up the order in question. Once located, click on "Please Reship." The system will let you select the reason for reshipment and submit the ticket. PosterElite only charges for reships if the error was on your end, such as an incorrect address (and even then we will waive the cost of the poster so that you only cover shipping).

Please note that you can only request reshipments through your portal for orders shipped within the last 60 days. If the order in question is older than this, please contact to request that the reship be manually entered by one of our team members.